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About Satin Doll Boutique

Let Me introduce myself to you. My name is Betty Rundle, and I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband, Bill. We are not actually from Arizona, however, since we have lived here over twenty-five years that makes us practically natives. I think Arizona is the ideal place to live--except for allergies, snakes and poisonous critters. Oh well, no location is perfect. 

We live with four little shih-tzus, who we think are the perfect pets. Well, that may be stretching it a bit. They are: Squeak (we call him Queak) is 13 years old, and you might say he is set in his ways. When we first brought him into our house, we had a Bassett hound, and they had a scuffle--which accounts for his eye. The eye was damaged, but it didn't have to be removed for 10 years. 

After that incident, they played together all the time. Animals do not carry grudges. Angel, who is six years old, is a dog whose name fits her. She demands attention, so she always gets it. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her. We bred her with Bartholomew, who is also 6 years old (alias Bart, Boo or Bart-a-boo), and angel had four beautiful pups. Thus--there's Ramon (Monie), one of the pups who is now 5 years old. He's a silly pup and very hyper. He's beautiful (to me) even though his teeth don't seem to fit in his mouth. Oh well, they are functional.

Update: Squeak and Angel are now in puppy heaven, Boo is still alive at 15 years old, Ramon is now 14 years, Bondi, another pup of angel's, returned to us (she is 14 and looks like Angel), and we have a new pup (we call her a pup because she still is one at 5 years old) called Starlet who is star of the show.

Now to come to the creation of my website which is a rather lengthy story. It all started when I went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show last February, and I noticed that so many of the merchants were selling beads. Looking back, beading became extremely popular because of the drastic rise in the price of gold, silver and gemstones. There were crowds of people buying strands of beads, and I was not going to be left out, so I purchased some. Now that I bought the beads, I had no idea how to string them. After they sat around the house for several months, I looked up bead shops in the yellow pages, and found one that gave beading lessons. After one lesson, I was hooked! I really enjoyed designing jewelry as many people do, and you might say, it is almost a compulsion. 

I made an attempt to sell my jewelry on Ebay, but I admit I was a novice and needed more experience and some training. The next thing that happened was that I received an email from Ebay asking me if I would be interested in creating my own website with their help. Since I had retired from healthcare (travelling anesthetist) the year before, and after some thought, I decided that I was going to do it! My next decision was what will I sell? I knew I wanted to sell my jewelry, but I wanted to sell more than just jewelry.

Now I digress. While I was travelling and working, much of my time-off was spent on shopping in the large department stores around the country. I always enjoyed the latest fashions, and I became familiar with all the top brands of women's clothing. So, it was easy for me to make the decision to sell women's upscale cocktail/evening dresses for which I have a passion. I feel that if you make the effort to look good, you will also feel good which will bring countless benefits. Along with the beaded jewelry, I also decided to sell some fine jewelry-- gold, silver, gemstones-- to cover all customer preferences.

There's nothing like elegant jewelry to set off you "little black dress" or to make your evening attire unique and personalized.

Where did I get the name "Satin Doll Boutique"? Do you remember or heard of the "Big Band Era"? I have a favorite song written by Duke Ellington called Satin Doll, and I had to choose that theme for my website! I will endeavor, through my evening gowns and jewelry, to make you into that Satin Doll.

Now about quality. All my beaded jewelry is strung on 49 strand stainless steel wire covered with nylon to make it extremely durable. I use an assortment of quality beads which includes but is not limited to: gemstone beads, Swarovski crystals, Czech fire-polished beads, Murano Venetian beads and sterling silver/14K gold filled beads. All the clasps are sterling silver, vermeil, 14K gold or 14K gold filled, and all my pieces are one of a kind. Each will have a detailed description.

My fine jewelry is made of 14K gold, sterling silver and genuine gemstones, which includes diamonds, sapphire, topaz, emerald, tanzanite, ruby, etc. They are all quality pieces.

My women's fashions--well, you decide for yourself. They are all quality upscale fashions. I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't buy myself.

Come in and pamper yourself!


Come in and pamper yourself!
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